E.Test Series

1.Prelims Test Series

The Prelims test series at catalyst are launched under our KEEP(Knowledge enrichment & enhancement programme)initiative. It is strictly according to the dynamic pattern of UPSC with focus on Current Affairs ,Science & Technology,Environment.The test series is an epitome of extensive workdone by the catalyst Team by thoroughly understanding the trends of the previous year questions,It would surely help build an extensive question bank & would act as the foundation to your success!

2.Mains Test Series

Objective of Mains Test Series:
The Mains exam is very crucial and a deciding factor for getting you
into the elite services. In 2020 we will be getting very short duration
for mains preparation after prelims. Given the length and breadth of
syllabus with rising and cut throat competition, aspirants are required to
have deep knowledge, be well-practiced and best prepared to win this
war for achieving their dream.

Features of Mains Test Series cum Crash Course
● Test series is available in both offline and online mode.
● Evaluation of the test copy will be done only by ‘Expert
● Time bound test copy evaluation within 10 days of test copy
● On time discussion of the test after copy evaluation followed
with expert reviews.
● Every aspirant will be guided with evaluated test copy as
how to structure the answers with marking of errors and
improving fluidity of answers.
● Important topics based on the trend analysis of UPSC CSE
Mains examination from 2013 to 2019 will be provided by
the institute.
● The aspirants who are unable to appear on the scheduled
date can appear on the coming sunday just after the
scheduled date.

3.Regular NCERT Test Series

We at Catalyst IAS provide Basic NCERT Test Series that covers NCERTs of all the Subjects in objective as well as descriptive pattern i.e covering Prelims and Mains both. NCERTs are right at the foundation of any Civil Services Examination so joining this test series would help build a sound base which well further help you in gaining an edge in this coveted exam