Offline Classes

Catalyst IAS has believed in providing a qualitiative & Quantiative solution in the field of UPSC preparation.Catalyst IAS offer the most comprehensive programme with the objective to provide aspirants a solid platform for their preparation and guide them in their path of success.

Catalyst IAs has designed an upgraded foundation programme for all the 3 stages of the UPSC Civil Services exam,and with this Catalyst IAs also provides the right kind of orientation and skill for developing administrative traits with high moral and justifiable ability.

Description of Courses

A.UPSC Pinnacle Foundation Courses

  • Very Unique courses that provides one step solution for all he three stages of UPSC preparation
  • Through this programme a student is groomed in the a way that they could develop an expertise in each subject as well as develop the aptitude to crack this civil Service Examination.
  • Keeping the motivation high focus intact.
  • Learn to maintain balance between self study and coaching schedule.
  • Elaborative and multi dimensional class notes.
  • This Courses is available in both english & hindi med duration of course:1 Year.


B.UPSC Pinnacle Advance Course

  • After Completing the syllabus of UPSC once, each and every student requires extra guidance,support and motivation by their coaching.Here,Catalyst IAS play a catalytic role in the preparation of UPSC civil services examination.
  • In this course,we are completing 3 time revision of the syllabus of entire UPSC with mains answer and interpretation of all the questions of UPSC with essay writing as well as current affairs & also including all the issuer.

Duration of courses: 12 Months

*Both UPSC pinnacle foundation Courses and UPSC pinnacle advance course in available in English and Hindi medium.

C.UPSC Nurture Batch

After 10+2,many students face the dilemma in their career of what & Low to pursue concerning  this,Catalyst IAS has started an

  • unique cources called UPSC nature batch with a 3 years duration

In this course,we start with basic of NCERT and further moving to advance course.



  • First 8 months :Entire coverage of NCERT from class 6-12th.
  • Next 1 year:Extensive coverage of UPSC syllabus.
  • Next 1 Year:Advance Course.
  • Next 1 Year:Regular answer writing practice prelims and main test series,Essay Writing Practice,Ethics Case Studies,Weekly Current Affairs classes and mentorship programme.


D.Optional Batches

We provide optional classes for the following subjects:

  • Geography
  • PSIR
  • History

Duration : 4 months Approx(120 Days)